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Longing For The Spirit is a collection of short essays and stories which speak to Paul’s struggles and victories in his life as an alcoholic in recovery. This is not a blow-by-blow, tell-all exposé complete with drunken antics and foul language. Instead, Paul weaves together moments, insights and some vignettes of his old life as a memoir-by-mosaic.

With his trademark insightful yet humourous approach, Paul is able to go deep without feeling heavy. He shows us all how personal transformation need not be heavy-handed, but still requires the dedication to change everything about ourselves.

It’s about creating a life that doesn’t need escaping from.

Some of the work has been pulled from Paul’s sober blog (Message In A Bottle) and his first podcast (Buzzkill Pod), alongside years of working with other alcoholics and addicts. His keen ability to nail down what’s at the root of the situation, with a wink and nod to 70s and 80s pop culture, is what drives Longing For The Spirit.


Paul Silva went to a party at 15 years old and didn’t come back until I was 40. It was a 25-year temper tantrum, really. He battled alcoholism for years, finally hit bottom, and then found recovery. Paul is blessed to be able to share his experiences and insights with so many people who are either still suffering or in different stages of sobriety.

He is a work-in-progress and believes that authentic living comes from shedding the things that no longer serve us. Recovery isn't just about not drinking - it's about creating a life that you don’t need escaping from.

Paul invites you to discover the lessons he’s picked up in his journey and to understand how a "normal" guy from a loving, supporting family and environment could become a convicted, bottom-dwelling mess of an alcoholic. One need not be in recovery to enjoy "Longing For The Spirit". It also makes a great gift for someone who enjoys many paths to spirituality and wellness.

Paul lives in Toronto with his wife, two boys and a dachshund (Bean). He is a life coach, podcaster, and writer.