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I am honoured to have you here. I spent 25 years caught in the grips of the grape, trying to escape myself and the world around me. I hit bottom, found recovery and now am blessed to share my experiences and insights with so many people who are either still suffering or in different stages of sobriety. I am in a work-in-progress and believe that authentic living comes from shedding the things that no longer serve us. Recovery isn't just about not drinking - it's about discovering and uncovering the roadblocks which impede us and applying spiritual principles to really live the life we were meant to live.  I invite you to discover the lessons I have picked up in my journey and to understand how a "normal" guy from a loving, supporting family and environment can become a convicted, bottom-dwelling mess of an alcoholic. One need not be in recovery to enjoy "Longing For The Spirit". It also makes a great gift for someone who enjoys many paths to spirituality and wellness. Blessings to all. Paul


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