“A gift to the sober community.”

"These vignettes and insights can steady a shaking hand, clink a mug of coffee in a "cheers", be a shoulder to lean — or cry — on, stun in the beauty of language, or plunge the depths of revelation. Wherever your sober journey finds you, he has provided a space, an entry into spirit-quenching life."


— Mark David Goodson, Author and blogger, The Miracle of the Mundane

“Paul Silva is the real deal.”

"The work he has accomplished in this book is as significant as it is groundbreaking within the addiction-recovery literature. With witty prose he unearths both the core struggles every alcoholic or addict realizes and the central truths paving the way through our long-sought attempt to learn how to function as authentic human beings."

— Daniel D. Maurer, Author of Sobriety: A Graphic Novel, Endure: The Power of Spiritual Assets, Faraway: A Suburban Boy's Story as a Victim of Sex Trafficking, and more


"Tom Waits sings, 'The face forgives the mirror, the worm forgives the plow; the question begs the answer, can you forgive me somehow?'

Longing For The Spirit is an earthy, memorable story, packed with images and reflections that stuck with me for days after I read it. Silva is a sharp observer of people---including himself. His ability to reflect on his story and reveal the gifts within it makes Longing for the Spirit a must-read for anyone in recovery."

— Claire Rudy Foster, Author of I've Never Done This Before

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"Explores the human experience.”

"Silva explores the human experience with his typical insight and wit"

— Jake D. Parent, Author of Christina and Only the Devil Tells the Truth



"Heartbreaking insight."

"Imagine the overwhelming sense of disorientation felt when facing a YOU ARE HERE sticker on a directory where people and lives swirl around you seemingly with a firm sense of where they are going.  Longing for the Spirit carefully pieces together those moments and strings together scenes of a person in recovery finding their place in each moment be it past or present."

— Jennifer Blue, Badass Reader

“Longing for the Spirit is beautifully written, recounting without self-pity painful bits from his childhood. The book is also interwoven with bits of wisdom that are never preachy. He takes some classic, dare I say overused recovery ideas/lingo, and makes them fresh again, using amusing unique metaphors and giving basic ideas of gratitude and hope, a new spin and a new life. A must read for anybody struggling with addiction or in recovery."

— Amy Dresner, Author of My Fair Junkie

"We see a bit of ourselves and we relate.”

"We see a bit of ourselves and we relate to his self-deprecating, yet very wise essays about anger and forgiveness, insecurity and acceptance, resistance and surrender, and many more contradictory characteristics of a life, addicted. Paul’s writing style...is intimate, clear and uncomplicated. Reading it is like sharing good coffee and candid, unforced conversation with a close friend"

— Robert McClellan, Filmmaker ("Real Sobriety"), Podcaster, Writer

“Full of Heart”

Dynamite. Silva's voice is so honest and I found myself nodding in relation several times while reading. Reflective and thoughtful self discovery in these pages. Not only would it make a fantastic gift for anyone who has struggled with addiction, but for anyone who wrestles with acceptance in all its tug-o-war. So basically... all of us silly humans ; )

Funny. Straightforward. Full of heart.

— Becca Saunders, Filmmaker and Artist

“Beautifully written”

Longing for the Spirit is a beautifully written collection of essays from Paul's life. Some are painful, some made me laugh, and a few made me cry. He is such a relatable writer and so honest. I recommend this book for anyone in recovery, no matter where you are on your path or what type of recovery: Alcoholics, drug addicts, EDs, cutting, it doesn't matter: there is solace in this book for you. Actually, I recommend this book to everybody! We can all relate to his feelings in this book and we've all been there with those exact same thoughts at one time or another.

— Cassie, Badass Reader